We provide support and advise to both employers and employees on behalf of and advise both employers and employees on any matter arising from the employment relationship, including termination of employment, redundancies, unfair and wrongful dismissal, termination of employment, discrimination at work. social insurance matters collective agreements, health and safety at work, protection of maternity, confidentiality and non-compete obligations.

We advise individual directors of Cyprus companies of matters of employment law with their companies and international clients on Cyprus employment law issues which arise from their Cyprus operations.

We undertake the drafting of employment agreements, settlement of employment dispute agreements, circulars, health and safety, code of conduct and company policy handbooks, instructions, directions, letters and notices and all other relevant documents regulating the relationship between employment and employee and ensure due compliance with any relevant executive (government) directives, orders or recommendations, EU primary and secondary legislation and international conventions ratified by the Republic of Cyprus.

We litigate all matters arising from the employment relationship before arbitration tribunals, the Cyprus Labour Tribunal and any other court which may have jurisdiction on any specific dispute and mediate any such employment dispute, as independent mediators, if we are instructed to do so by all parties involved.