The family courts have exclusive jurisdiction to determine petitions for divorce, custody of children, maintenance and property disputes between spouses where the parties are members of the Greek Orthodox Church. If the parties belong to one of the other religious groups, jurisdiction is vested in the Family Court for Religious Groups. Cypriot Courts can deal with family disputes irrespectively of the nationality of the applicant or the location where the marriage took place.

Our practice involves legal assistance on all matters related to family law including:

– Advice on all issues of family law in Cyprus and Cyprus family disputes

– Divorce applications

– Distribution of family wealth and assets

– Children custody and communication

– Childcare and maintenance.

– Assistance in adoption matters and preparation of all necessary documentation.

Additionally we represent clients in urgent petitions for issuing maintenance or other interim order(s) without notice to the other party; where urgency requires seeking an ex – parte injunction prohibiting or ordering a specific act to be done by the party to whom it is addressed.